CK-12 Practice

CK-12 is a non-profit website with a mission to bring free math and science content to school age students. Their initial product were free customizable digital textbooks, but had since moved on to build a robust assessment platform. At the core was Practice, which helped students hone their understanding of content.  I worked with the Product Manager and Director of UX to improve the user experience with the goal of increasing usage and retaining engagement on the site.


Practice can be fun

In essence Practice is a quiz, but also an opportunity not to be as staid as one. A goal was to make the Practice experience as interactive and engaging as possible. The progress bar animates slightly upon progress, and a certain amount of correct answers triggered a fun indicator. On mobile, I designed supplemental pages to exist on the Z axis, so when a student invokes something like the Hints panel, she can toggle between Hints and the Question quickly.


Phase II

Once the UX overhaul of existing practice flow was complete and live, it was time to explore how to make the experience even more engaging. Based on a student's mental journey during a practice session, we identified when and what types of messaging or interventions would enhance the experience. If a student is doing well, she was rewarded with positive messaging. If a student was struggling, she was given encouragement or suggestion to go back to the content.


Since the designs launched, the number of practice questions answered increased 1000% over the previous year.